I've recently gotten into painting/lettering with acrylic, and woodburning/pyrography! I'm really inspired by folk art and kitchen kitsch, and I enjoy getting to paint patterns and tiny details on these! 
Home sign for my "Fairy Goat Parents" Ken & Julie - friends I've come to adore in my alter-life as a goatherd. 
(2023) ((I loved putting the paw/hoof/footprints on here!!))
Market Sign designed for Becky Loughlin - "Ceramic Loughlin" is her online handle
One of the best commissions I've ever received! (2021)
Market  sign painted for Bel Duffy, AKA "Limbcast" - Local artisan metalsmith 
A series of hand-painted signs for the incredible Books With Pictures in their new South East Division location!
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