I started sketching out this project in 2017. 
It is my longest-running project. It took me seven months to illustrate, and over a year
to navigate the licensing process to get permission to use the full song. This visualization isn't
wholly congruous with the lyrics, but it's my own interpretation.
It came to me while I was in a place that was full of feelings, and the visuals asked to be drawn.
 I didn't always draw them in order - I drew them as they wanted to be drawn.
Special thanks to Justin over at Blue Mountain Music for helping 
me make this possible!
A shareable version of this is available at https://runhoneyrun.tumblr.com
“Run Honey Run” (written by John Martyn)
©1967 Primary Wave/Blue Mountain Music
Copyright Renewed. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.
All rights administered by Primary Wave/Blue Mountain Music.
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