Wacom Technologies is an international corporation best known for its drawing tablets. Over the course of my career, I have exclusively used Wacom tablets in my digital art, as well as when refining my analog art for the internet and for print. Thanks to some volunteer opportunities during Design Week Portland in 2016, I was able to connect with them for live artist demos and illustration opportunities. For their Valentines Day campaign in 2016, they focused on the local (and far out) companies that have been using the new Bamboo Slate technology in their offices, and for their artwork. I used the slate to create the outlines for these drawings, and then colored them in using my Intuos4 tablet. The clients varied from Caldera Arts, Pensole Academy, fellow lettering artist Dina Rodriguez, and Edelman PDX among others. My goal was to capture each client's ideals and their creative use of the tablet into a whimsical valentine illustration that was then promoted to them over social media.
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